Monday, February 13, 2012

Right now

Right now I am:
-Reading, studying what God's showing me, writing my thoughts and learning how to apply God's word more and more to my life. Also lifting up prayers of thanks, wanderings and dreams to Him.

-Finally starting my quilt, first I use scrap material to make the first block, tomorrow I'll start with the read thing! Its for an art contest at our local college, I'm also working on ideas for other artys things worthy enough to go in the contest.

-Reading 5,000 Year Leap: The Miracle That Saved The World, a MUST read for anyone who wants to know more about the founding fathers of America, what they believed, how they set up our government, all about God's Natural Laws, what it takes to keep America great, what they predicted would happen if we fell short of the type of people that they designed the government for, and just plain ole' interesting history! Its easy to read, not at all boring like most history books, and its content is stuff that all of us need to know:) Plus tons of awesome quotes from people like Samuel Adams (who is possibly my favorite) Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin and many more. Oh yeh, and it goes into a lot  of Cicero's stuff too, that was pretty interesting!

-Making more an more flowers (I'm starting to get "oh those r awesome!"'s from friends!)

-Closing my eyes every chance I can get, I feel like a 50 pound weight is on top of my head, inside my ears and under my lids.. sigh..NO grumbling tho! I refuse (its my weekly challenge, no grumbling) 

-Looking out the window at the little snow thats been falling all morning, right now its falling rather hard. I love snow!

-Working on my blankey while getting my dose of good discussions, laughs, current times and information (Glenn Beck radio show! I know, I'm a wacky teen who actually cares about my country and wants to know what is going on)

-Thanking God that my awesome pastor and his family are back from CA and that I got to spend time with them yesterday! I'm incredibly blessed to have them in my life, my pastor is such a great guy who loves the Lord so much. Just to be able to see how he's living his life following God is always encouraging.  I know alot of peeps prolly say that bout their pastor, but mine..well he's just awesome ;)
Then his wife, my friend Lucinda, she's a great mom, a great example to me and a good friend, she's awesome too! And of course their two sons, Nathaniel and Baby Luke, I loves them !

More snow!!

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