Thursday, February 16, 2012

the lulu monster

This is Lulu.
She's my kitty, she is often referred to as a freak of nature, a monster, or the Hitler cat (cos of her cute little half mustache)
But in truth, she's a sweetie, she's got ALOT of patience to put up with our teasing of her, and she's just to stinking cute! Her personality is out of this world hilarious, she's an awesome cat. A very strange cat, but a very awesome cat..
And seriously, she is SOO cute!!!!! <3 I mean look at that little mouth and that funny little half mustache.. ^_^ Oh, and her eyes..this pic doesn't even begin to describe how HUGE they can be.
Just like Puss in Boots.
Except apparently she's German, not Spanish..
Ahh, I love my Lulu kitty <3


  1. thanks for your comment :) i think we all have the same talents inside of us. there are just those certain people who are stronger with some than others are. but i think you've got a gift with words. you're honest and funny and that's a really good thing :D

    1. awe, thanks:)
      Yeh i know! she is so cute!! lol :-) and a nut case!

  2. hehe. She's so cute. ^_^ She was one of the prettiest kittens Bella ever had! (she was Bella's right? I am pretty sure she wasn't Dave's. Dave had the UGLIEST kittens ever!!) <3

    1. I always thought Bella WAS Dave?!?! Either way, she is totally Bella's kitty, she's small just like Bella, and has her pretty face..But seriously, Bella and Dave aren't the same??