Thursday, February 16, 2012

Must I go on?

My throat certainly doesn't want to.
I slept like an insomniac last night..meaning, I didn't really sleep.
This had been my savior the last 2 days.
This has been my best friend.
This has comforted me a bit..
And Sydney  has made my day.
Oh, did you notice? Yes, another re-do on the blog.
I like. Thank you, Sydney:)
But right now, all I feel like doing is staring at the wall.
I wrote an about me.
I'm sure once I am feeling like myself again I'll come back, read it and be like "why did I say that?!?!" and edit is like nobody's business.. But for now its a bit to long, a bit to informative, and, yeh... Lemme know what you think!
My mind isn't working right, folks..neither is my throat..or nose.

my juice is gone..can I cry now???


  1. awww :) get well soon! :D

    ps: do you save Sobe bottles too? :) lol

    1. thanks:) and lol!! Um, I never have before this one, and I just needed a bottle last night so I found this one, it was clean so I used it! :) Do you save Sove bottles?

    2. yes i do :) i like sobe water a lot and sometimes super target has it on sale for a dollar so i buy one or two...or three or four... :)

  2. Aww, feel better! Love the new layout again! Lol! & I also loved the 'about me' write up. :)

  3. I looove the new design! Especially the header. Is it your photo? I am slowly deciding what I want for my blog design . . . eventually I'll get there. :D

    1. no, I dunno who's photo it is, I bet Sydney does tho:) she did a great job:)

  4. :D I really really love the new design a lot. :) <3 And your about me is very nice. :D <3

    I'm sorry you feel rotten. I am in the same condition over here. Get well soon!! <3 <3 <#

  5. thanks everyone:) like I said already, Sydney did a great job!
    I'm glad ya'll like my about me, we'll see what I think about it later on ;)

  6. Man, I hope you get feeling better! Being sick is no funn :( I absolutely LOVE your new design! It is incredible!! I've been wanting to redo my blog for awhile now and I think I finally have an idea... I've been working on it trying to get it to come out right, but I am not quite savvy enough on the computer to get it... so I'll keep trying lol One of these days you might notice my blog has changed haha