Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not really..

I'm not really the gamer type, or should I say, the extreme gamer type.
If fact, you could say I  *hate* video games, mainly what they do to you.
I hate these guys who sit 10 hours everyday and do nothing but play games cos their to lazy to get off their butt and do something else.

Video games just kill your imagination and inspiration when played that long. They make you lazy, they take you away from your favorite hobbies (if you have any) they just. Arg. I don't like them to be played that much. I've made up my mind I won't marry a guy who loves to spend countless hours playing stupid Halo or Modern Warfare.
But. Now you can call be a hypocrite.
Because once I spent over 6hours playing Marvel Alliance, I was always Wolverine or that Fire guy, Johnny.
Yeh, that game is epic.
I've also spent numerous hours playing Gears Of War.
And Ninja+N.

That's why I don't play much of anything anymore.Not even Little Big Planet (tho I am certain that one is excellent for the imagination)
Video games are horrible for you.

My brother got a Kindle Fire last week.
So this is what I've been doing right after I'm done with school.

You could say I'm addicted, but I just need to finish all the levels and then I'm done!!!
I promise. Only a few more boxes to go, and I pretty much unlock a box a day.
I'm not an extreme gamer.
I'm just. I..well..yeah..hypocrite. 


  1. lol looks like fun! :D i've got a regular kindle and i love it, but i would LOVE to have a kindle fire! :D so many things you can do with it! :)

  2. haha! That is so hilarious. xD I am a video gamer. Not like crazy, But I do love them and I play quite a few of them. I am not a real gamer though. Just a part-timer. xD <3 That game looks like fun! Have you played Fruit Ninja?? That one is epic.