Thursday, February 23, 2012

A long day.

Thats today.
I've done alot today, yet I feel like I've done nothing but wast time outside and get about 3shades darker.
I tan really fast, and loose it fastly :p
For the last hour or so I've been putting up items on Etsy.
Its not my favorite job in the world.
I also decided to create a page on Facebook for my Etsy page!! Kinda wierded out.
So anyway..
The sun is going down.
I don't want it to.
The sun always goes down so fast on a beautiful warm day.
I must be off, unfortunately I have not the time, nor energy to write what I was going to write about.
Tomorrow <3

You should check out my other blog called If I Could, its my attempt at wackiness, confusion made into something that almost makes sense. But not really, I just like to fool people.


  1. The hot-air balloon hanging. <3

  2. you make really nice things! :D if i could, i would so buy stuff from you :D