Saturday, February 11, 2012

People are fascinating

I'm feeling like writing a "get to know me better post" or a "I gotta clear my thoughts" post. So here it goes!

From a strangers point of view, they wouldn't see the very zealous and passionate side of me, cos honestly, I don't let it show to strangers..I don't know how.
God has made me a passionate and zealous person, someone who sometimes, I'm sure is overly zealous about stuff...
"Reel it in".
I'm the type of person (who for one, is a little overly observant) who has strong barriers. I'm a very private person when it comes to...*feelings* and real life relationships. Ugh, sometimes I hate mushy feelings. But heck, I'm a girl so I have to learn to deal with it, right?
Just embrace it!. hehehe..
I think its hilarious how men are all, "its impossibly to really know a woman", cos I know its so not true, its very possible, if  a woman knows who they are.
Just takes patience ;)

I find it funny that here I can let absolute strangers know sides of me that people I've known for 5yrs or more haven't really seen.

But everything is different in real life.

I have to know someone for a looong time in order to really let them in to who I really am, its a long process.
It takes a lot of me just being around them, then it starts with one on one conversations that have to take place in comfortable settings, I have to be able to sense that I can trust the person, but once that is over, everything takes place quickly, if that makes sense...
And even if I do know someone for a long time, it still doesn't mean they really know me or I them.
Which in a way makes me sad..

Everything takes time.

Sometimes I wish I were the type of person who was very open about everything, was friends with everyone and didn't mine saying words like "I love you and think your awesome" *out loud*.
But I'm not.
I guess I'm more of an introverted personality when it comes to getting to know people intimately.
But I'm a work in process, God works with me in a lot of areas,  its exciting to grow.
Its scary to let go of pride, but once I do, everything feels lighter.

I'm a shy girl, but I have a lot to say.
And I don't think many people I know realize how much I have to say.
There are people who I want *them to know me.*  
But the chance never comes to let them know me, and frankly, its annoying. 

I can count my true and close friends on one hand.
I'd like to add my other hand, but if its not the Lords will, then I'm ok with that.
Right now my other hand is filled with people I know, people I can hang out with and just get more at ease with, people who I won't really get to know, but only how to play around and have fun with.
Once someone has made it on my first hand, they rarely get taken off.

I truly find people fascinating. I love learning to understand all types of different personalities.

I like this quote.

Life is like a box of crayons.
You use your favorites all the time.
But there might be one you don't use..
Like pink.
Its soft and romantic, everything a graceful princess should be.
But you have to use it.
Using colors your not used to can be scary, but once you get used to it, you realize you've secretly using that color your whole life.
~Alejandra Valencia

I realize this is a post that you probably won't know how to respond too..
So if you feel like commenting, how bout  ya just let me know you understand, or heck..that you read it! <3


  1. i can totally relate to you here :)

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I will definitely "follow" your blog.

    I'm a bit like that, I don't like to be too romantic, though inside I long for it, when I see it in films I just want to vomit because it's not real life.

    I'm sure it's OK to guard your heart, but sometimes you have to take that risk. It takes time and lots of learning before you find out who you really are. Be who God made you to be and ask Him to help you discover yourself. I still am learning and I think I will be for sometime!

    Also, intruiged to see a mention of "Owl City" - do you mean the singer guy? I love his song "Fireflies" and it's cool to hear he's a Christian too - wohoo!

    1. heeyy!
      I agree with your statements! ^_^

      And thanks for following!!
      I lve romantic movies, even tho it always leaves me feeling odd cos I know its not at all real. Which is always puzzling.. :)

      yes, I mean the singer guy, he's pretty awesome!

  3. <3 <3 <3 I think I know how you feel....

  4. I completely understand where you're coming from!!! Man!! I am like that a lot! Sometimes it really stinks! Especially when you WANT to do some of the talking but everyone just assumes you won't, because you seem so shy on the outside! lol...if that makes sense... So yeah. I'm with you 100%! And what you said about wanting people to know you? That is so true!! Ahhh... thanks for posting this!! LOL :) Happy Valentine's Day