Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I woke up late, was in a sluggish mood and my eyes burned horribly.
I hate allergies.
Today I did school. Doh.
I dun't like school much, but I love history. :D
Today I went on a walk w/a friend and my brother, then off to wall mart and McDonalds for lunch. Twas exciting. (hint of sarcasm there for you dull folk)
Today was cloudy, then sunny, then dull, then fun, now its tiring and I wanna go to sleep.
Today I learned that when someone doesn't want to grow, they won't want to hear the truth and you can't force anything.
Today I learned to hand it over.
Today I heard a door-mouse snore. Cutest. thing. ever.

Today, I am in the mood for Resident Evil, the best zombie movies ever.
I'm always in the mood for Resident Evil..and zombies..
Today I laughed my head off at my silly cat.
She is the weirdest thing.
Today I played my cello and scared said cat with my terrible playing of the cello.
I needed lessons today.
Today I chatted with my bestie and giggled at a boy and raised my hopes to make it to my bestie's b-day party.
Today my eyes itched so freaking bad I wanted to cry. Or kick something. It was really horrid.
Today I conquered my frustration at peoples stubbornness and stupidness.
I think I should be a hermit.
Today I stood awkwardly in wall mart for like 10min while these two odd chicks said the f-bomb every other words and acted like morons..siblings co-workers:p My heart aches for them...
Today I am glad I don't work at McD's.
Today I tried a McChicken with chipotle sauce and it was *amazing!!!

hm, Today I am trying to decide if I like this post...I feel like I said Today to much...you like??


  1. Nonii, I like:)
    And i just wanted to tell you, that even though I don't have time to comment on every one of your posts on your different blogs, I think you are amazing. I read every single post and find happiness in them to the MAx. :)

    1. Ahhh! Your incredibly sweet, thank you!
      Its so encouraging to hear this, specially when you've been needing it! <3 <3

  2. Hehe. Today, I luv this blog. Or..pretty much any day. Lol. <3 super cute post!!! I am totally psyched about Possibly seeing you again soon!! <3 <3

    1. :D today I leaping love you <3 and most days..haha, jk, all. <3

  3. I think I watched Resident Evil once. I think I spent a whole time screaming at the zombies. A very helpful attitude to have if I ever met one. I also had an awesome dream about fighting zombies with Michael Jackson. Such an awesome dream! Enjoyed this post. :)

    1. Hahaha! They can be scary, but I am used to zombie by now..they don't make me scream anymore, but if I ever met one in real life you can bet to Bob I'd scream my head off and get my tail away from it!!! Or just shoot it.
      Oh! that WOULD be an awesome dream! lol!!