Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll fly away: part 2

Sometimes you find in life that your frustrated and confused.  More than sometimes.
Old things come back up to bite you and you think you can handle it.
But those band aids aren't the answer.
Sometimes it helps to just admit it.
Your frustrated, confused, you can't commandeer it all by yourself. The world has to many problems and you can't touch them all.
When I am challenged, when I feel challenged, I don't just walk away and say whatever.
I fight. I get frustrated and irritated.
If that little person is acting ugly and challenging me, and I tell them to stop because I am the authority at the moment, and they don't, they get the horns.
When I tell that little person to sit right there in time out and instead they sit almost right there, half of their little hiney is obeying you, half isn't. That's a challenge. Who will win?
Because I'm bigger and meaner and the boss? No. Because its what is best for them, and me.
When someone says something that is so ignorant, but they truly think its right, I feel like I need to correct, shed some light in their narrow minded ways. But I don't. Or shouldn't..
I see things all the time that need changed, in others, in situations, in the whole freaking world.
Guess that's just part of naturally seeing things in black and white.
But its not my place to do anything right now. Right now. I deal with me.
My mom always used to tell me this when I was little and getting in trouble for being nosy "Take care of yourself, its a full time job".
So I have learned.
I'm the watcher.
I'm the listener.
My Lord is the corrector.
You know, I believe if people would just take care of themselves first, the whole world would have a lot less hypocrites and trouble makers. In fact you can call me both, because I don't always take care of myself.
Because even those who want to do good make trouble. Even those who want to be good people, are hypocrites. In their minds they set out to do one thing, but they end up doing the opposite. In their minds.
I'm not saying to be self minded and selfish, I'm saying to deal with your problems first before you start trying to help out in the world.
Things used to make me hate. But I know that's not how I need to feel. That is sadly immature. You have to move on from the hate.
I don't like hating, I've stopped hating for awhile now.
The world makes me sad. I can't expect the world to be right. I can't expect a cat to not lick themselves, so I can't expect the world to not be evil and vile.
I can't accept the world either. I'm supposed to be different, you can't be different from something, and expect to be buddy friends with it too. It doesn't work that way. You can't peace talk with the enemy.
But you know what?
You can still love.
Because love hopes all things, we can hope for those lost.
Love is patient. They'll find their way.
Love does not rejoice in iniquity.
We rejoice in the truth.
The truth is a big thing.  I'll spend my whole life discovering it.
And I'll spend my whole life trying to share it.
(part of) the truth is this.
God is more than just love, we can't just say he's ONLY love. Wouldn't that be boxing Him in?? I think yes. It would be dumbing Him down to say he is ONLY love. Its not the truth. He has so many more wonderful characteristics than just love.
It's Spelled Love 8x10 Fine Art Photography Print - Ready To Ship For Your Valentines

I just wish this movement of youngsters could see it.
But I have found that kids like bandwagons. Especially bandwagons that are all soft and cushy and make you feel all fuzzy and wonderful inside, once they've ignored all the common sense they may or may not have that is.
There's a bandwagon going around that I've noticed as of late.
This bandwagon, or should I say lovewagon, almost remind me of woodstock. Its all about feeling good. Its about being different while not making anyone uncomfortable with what you believe. Its all about helping the animals and accusing the humans.(i had to throw that in) Its all about love. Its about accepting everything. Its about not having any strong views and stands cos you might offend someone, and because love, you know, accepts everything. And love is the only belief and stand you need.
Three men are coming down the road, 8x10 print

Its twisted. Its an oxymoron.
But I just have to keep focusing on what God is doing in my life, keep my nose in His word because that's where it belongs.
God is Just, so I needn't worry. I can just continue to stand in the truth.

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  1. I love this. I didn't quite know what to comment....But I wanted to anyways. <3 Luvyou!

  2. This is what I think: It should all start and end with love. What does that look like? It depends. Sometimes it's hard to tell.
    There's a balance, and it's so horribly easy to go off one end or the other. Love is very very important. Without love, faith and works are dead.
    But words by themselves are useless. I can tell anybody that I love them, as many times as I want to. And although I don't buy that love is completely and entirely an action, it does involve actions or it's kinda useless.
    I don't think that love overlooks, ignores, or permits. Love is not ignorant. But it keeps on loving, no matter what.

  3. Love. That is all (:
    Good points. (:

  4. love as in, you love the post and that is all? lol. kinda confused:)
    Or do you mean its all about love? cos its not, i mean, thats what the whole post was bout:D
    and thankie to the rest for the comments, twas appreciated!! ;)

    1. Haha, sorry about that. I guess my friends and I say it all the time so I didn't realize it was slang that you might not understand. Yes, I meant I loved the post (: lol