Monday, March 12, 2012

back to the sun and glory bound

i'm not sure what to say today. but i'll try to say something worth your time, and mine.
i think we all have those days, days when there's so much on our minds, so much in our hearts, and all we can do is live in it, breath it all in and thank Jesus for every moment.
its one of those days. were i can have-the freedom to take a break, 72 degrees, an open reel fishing rod, a sun tanned back, bare muddy feet, shorts and comfy t-shirts, a sky so clear, dreames of times to come,  knowing 'what if's' are possibilities and laughing good heartedly at funny last names.
You never let go, oh no, you never let go, for my God is with me, through the calm, through the storm, in every high and every low, You never let go.
i can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on, there will be an end to these troubles, and until that day comes, i will praise You.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

its been busy around here, there's so much i need to get done. more that needs my help.
but i just want to take it easy, kick back and forget those things. i just want to have a picnic, walk the river and go fishing. i want 6 o'clock to last forever on this spring day. i want to sleep in the shade, wake up and build a sand castle.

i want frustration to go away for us all. i want there to be less asking of, but more giving and respect for others.

we cried over beautiful things, knowing no beautiful thing lasts. 


  1. Feeling the same way right now...except that it's been pouring down rain all day where I live. =)

  2. That is like the coolest pic EVER!!!! I am sorry you missed the party here! When are you actually coming? When ever it is I am looking forward to it! <3

  3. <3 This is lovely. It has been a wonderful day. <3