Saturday, March 10, 2012

another day on the farm

i live on a 400 acre farm, its owned by my grandfather who lives across the river. my parents own like 11 acres that just surround our house. we live by the barns and cow lots. its a cow farm. t
here's an old cabin bout 10min walk down behind the barns in the woods, theres lots of old stuff in it.
we've got really stupid chickens, cows (to many of em') bee's, soon we'll probably have sheep too. we've got 2 outside dogs and then the horse, ellie may. thats not counting the inside pets.
ellie has been part of the family for almost a year now, she turned 3 last august.
we all love ellie, she's a spoiled brat, who happens to be incredibly smart and stubborn.
 and on this particularly beautiful day, while trying to raise my spirits on the swing set, my oldest bro, eli, decided to ride ellie bare back.
for some reason that made me pretty happy, i ran and got my camera, mom and dad came out to see how well ellie and eli were getting on.

i'm incredibly jealous that my mom took this one, isn't it awesome?

well, there you have it, our incredibly smart and adorable horse, ellie may clampet. oh, and our oldest brother/son, he's pretty smart to..

have a stellar weekend everyone<3


  1. :D That picture is awesome! Ellie is SO cute! I totally love that name for a horse, btw. ^_^

  2. I LOVE the nose picture! Lol. :D

  3. i love horses :) my parents used to take care of our neighbor's horses back when we lived in the country. i was only 4 so i don't really remember much, but i loved going on trail-rides with those horse. i believe their names were Bambi and Midnight :) can i like visit you and we could go gallivanting through the countryside? yes? thanks! i'll be there in about a day or two. wait. where exactly do you live? oh, well. i probably can't afford the bus fare anyway... ;)

  4. oh i love trail rides! with horses that actually behave;) ellie still have some instruction to complete before she'd be ready for any trail rides.
    hehe! actually, i would love to meet you! ^_^ lol