Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the chairman says we have a lengthy agenda this afternoon

painting R's shirt- one line taped out!
my son would NOT look like that-i realize this could be confusing
loving micheal franit's 'the sound of sunshine'- its on repeat.
{this song makes me want to go bare foot- oh wait. i am.}
wishing i could make myself wear boy-gym shorts to church- never happening.
political rants- in the process.
loving the face above- he's my man.
can someone buy this for me?- i'd love you for life.
finding my book [robinson cruseo] before church- i hate losing things.
the hunger games- excellent.i could watch it over and over.
omw. aurthur and gwen kissed- shocker.


  1. hehehe <3 :D
    eee! I'm 'cited. I can't wait to see my shirt. :D When are you coming dooown!! omw. I miss you. :P
    that necklace it lovlerly! Spelled like that even. xD lol. <3
    aaw! What a cute little boy. <3 Little boys are my favorite.

  2. hehe, yes, he has great eyes, big and brown!! <3
    i freaking love him to death! ^_^