Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i smudged her lip! she looks like she has a mustache, hehehe, but i love her face anyway.

i smudged her nose :-(
i'm quite satisfied today, even if  i just got chocolate icing all over my wrist watch because my doughnut is sitting to close to the key board:)
i'm satisfied with my new header i just designed, it feels right to me, and i like that i didn't change my name, but actually added to it in a classy way, do you like it?
i'm satisfied with my bluebells on the vanity and the sketches i did today and yesterday.

there's chocolate everywhere!

i really want some moccasins like the ones in the drawrings.

now i shall satisfy myself with watching another episode of merlin...that is, after i take the beagle for a walk up the lane.

over and out,

i quite agree with lydia, the blogger world seems quiet lately...oh well, lets liven things up a bit, shall we?!

that means i love comments :P


  1. Ooh! The header is perfect. <3 It seems very you-ish :D

  2. Omw! I love the new header!! It is perfect, like Lidia said. :D And I love the new addition to the name. :)
    I love the bluebell pictures. <3
    A doughnut?? Do you know what? I'm jealous. I want a doughnut....
    It has been quiet. :P


  3. Okay, I just visited again and I loved the header all over again. You should keep it :D :D Heehee <3<3

  4. I **LOVE** the header! The flowers are loverly, and you are such a talented artest! (how's this for a flattering comment!!!) I tryed to upset my blogger world be doing three (!!!!) posts!!! Ur cute. <3 :-D