Thursday, March 8, 2012

did you hear about the sun?

its messing up *everything* electronic or magnetic is seems.. seriously, my internet is beyond horrid today, etsy is down.
its the suns fault.
a bubble exploded or something or another from the sun, sent it hurdling 4million miles per hour through space right at earth.
its jacking everything up so much that my pandora went from playing draft punk to micheal buble. something is very wrong here. dubstep/techno doesn't just swtich to micheal buble like that!
and because of the sun. this shall be a stinky post.
thank you sun. :p
have a beautiful sunny day ya'll!

i shant be blogging much starting saturday/sunday for i'll be hanging with my bestie till tuesday or so<3.

pps. did you hear about pluto? man, thats messed up.


  1. LOL!!! I have problems with the rain! We have almost NO internet when it is raining! Oh well.

    P.S. you are coming this weekend, right? Because I got Rachel the coolest presents! And it would by so much fun for you to be here!!!

  2. :D yeppers! i shall be there, can't wait!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  3. HAHAHAHA!! Pandora has blessed u then. There is not much better on earth than some Buble. xD

    Oh, my. Your comment right there made me sad. I wish you could still come. :'( I seriously want to bawl when I think about it. I had a lot of kool plans for this week.

    OH WELL! Let's be happy anyways, yes? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3