Thursday, March 8, 2012

instead of facebook.

-i get super tired of facebook. i mean, i like putting up statuses, but i think to much, which means i am tempted to stat. my every thought. not cool. so i shall do it here instead-


6:30pm- somedays i feel like being alone, today, was not one of those days. so glad brothers home!

6:37pm- painting leather bracelets, hoping to find some clasps up in springfield to complete em'.

6:46pm- jack johnson is the BEST <3 <3 <3 

6:48pm- yes, i am eating salt and vinegar pringles like there's no tomorrow xD

7:00pm- gonna watch albatross with brother...oh, i mean alcatraz. doh. i love hurley!

8:10pm- these bracelets i'm making are so cool!!

8:15pm- my best friend is awesome. happy birthday beastie<3

8:29pm- no, this add is NOT relevant to me.

8:33pm- irish accents are by far the best *ever*.

8:43pm- i know at least 18 pregnant ladies. wowzers.


  1. Lol! That is awesome! 18 peggers ladies!?!?!?! I only know like 7!

    Irish is pretty awesome but I think I like Scottish better. :-) I love salt n vinegar pringels!
    Good post. <3

    1. yeah! there are alot..the last time i counted it was 12..but since then i know its added a few more. :D

      I love Irish cos its not that strong, Scottish is so strong that one word is spoken, and the whole room knows there's a Scot somewhere. but Irish is much more least the dialects that i love are :D not even sure if dialect is the right word. lol! :D

  2. "No, this add is NOT relevant to me."

    I understand that feeling. A lot.

  3. hehe <3 <3 <# Thanks Nonii. <3 <3 ^_^ I luv this post. xD