Monday, March 5, 2012

failure of a shoot

it started off great, the weather is warm-ish, and as working on a shoot makes you energized, it was perfect.
my plans were to get "elbows up" shots with the wood stack at the background. in my mind it would have been amazing.
if it wasn't for the fact that we burned the wood stack this winter.
so i found a wall.
 it was a nice wall.
but i had to sit on mud.
oh well, my jeans were to tight anyway, a little moisture wouldn't hurt.
but that just added to the frustration of someone pulling up in the driveway and then getting bit on the nose by a stupid gnat and breaking out in a furious sweat cos that sweater was sweltering.

-but i am thankful to have gotten a few good ones to add to my "last year as a legal kid" album-


  1. hehehe. It doesn't look like a failure from here! <3 ur so pretty, Nonii!

    1. She is she is!!! ;D *agrees and nods*

    2. thank you guys, your to nice ;) <3