Sunday, March 4, 2012

here's hope- new OC song

This came out much sooner than i expected, i guess i just got to busy i forgot how he always does a sneak peek.  not sure the date that Circles Around The Sun is due to come out, but oh i love sneak peeks!

-what i think of it after the 4th time round-

it really sounds like something that is gonna be played on the christian radio station(that is not a compliment) i'm also not fond of the back ground vocals, or the..kinda quiet voice singing "here's hope" in the background. i always find that cheezy.
i like that this is probably the only OC song that has such a real black and white message. much more simple than most of his stuff. refreshing.

-i love how he isn't really rapping..but..he's singing kinda fast. and smoothly.-

the words 'here's hope' are used way to many times, and if your an OC listener, then you know AY doesn't often repeat himself, which i always thought added to the genius of his music, rather like Jack Johnson. but its still ok because there is still a good dose of what i call the original OC sound.
i am reallyreallyreally glad that he's tried something a little different without losing that.
your probably thinking "how can she critique OC if she is a true hoot owl/owl citizen/avidOC listener?"
ha. my dear, i critique everything unless its 20yr old tom hanks.
Happy sunday ya'll.
lemme know what you think bout the song!


  1. I. LOVE. THAT. SONG. SO. MUCH. <3

  2. Is that song gonna be on his new album? I kinda thought it was just a thing he did for childhoodhungerendshere... If you go to their site, there are a couple other artists who sing the exact same song, exact same words and everything, so I was kind of thinking it was just a song they gave him and he agreed to sing?

    1. i have no clue, i assumed it was, but now that you say other artist are singing the exact same song, then no wonder (like i said) it sounds like something that would be on the christian radio.
      kinda wish i had knew all this before i wrote a critique, lol.
      i thought the lyrics were a little less imaginative for AY. ;) <3
      i still like the song, its been stuck in my head since i heard it! :p

  3. This is a decent song, but I lovelovelove his more imaginative and random lyrics. And one more thing.

    "My dear, I critique everything unless it's 20yr old Tom Hanks."