Saturday, March 3, 2012

20 things about Nonii- 20 to many

1. i'm deathly scared of spiders and i dreamed of a 4ft wide one last night. O__O
2. i always say twice like "twicet"
3. i also say theater like a hick..truly, i am trying to work on it!
4. i have pulled of every hair style from a punk mohawk to 70's long hippie hair to the 1920's bob.
5. when i'm doing the dishes i get so lost in thought that i often put the silverware in the microwave.
6. nonii means big eyes in Spanish.
7. my middle name is joy
8. i'm the lighthearted happy person who others always enjoy to have around, but not exactly the person they think of involving in conversation, cos I'm quiet :p
9.  i am the expert tree climber. 
10. i'm developing a fondness for lower case letters <3

 11.i am incredibly silly, or dorky..i prefer silly.
12. i love spongebob and roller coasters. 
12. i put valentina hot sauce on almost everything i eat.
13. in the summer i love to float out in the pool at night and star gaze. 
14. HOPELESS romantic all the way.
15. i don't drive..yet..
16. i LOVE reading Garfield comic books. 
17. i shall adopt asian babies. they are so tute! 
18. i lovelove legos 
19. i  wish i could go to israel. 
20.i'm the ultimate pretender.


  1. This made me smile. See? :D I've totally noticed you saying "twicet" Lol! I didn't know what Nonii means, but I definitely knew that you hate spiders. I don't hate spiders. But I hate rodents. :p

  2. hehehehe. <3 ^_^ I am *so* scared of Spiders. Any kind, Any size. 0_0
    LOL! You mean like "the*A*ter"? ME TOO! :D That is hilarious.

    1. P.S. I *love* Valentina. I also eat it on almost everything. xD Either it, or Ranch dressing. xD <3

  3. Valentina is THE BOMB <3
    Your awesome... I love it.

  4. your name fits you perfectly then (: You have beautiful eyes (: