Monday, March 26, 2012

listen to me laugh

do you ever feel like on one ever listens? or should i say, no one cares to listen. or perhaps they try, but you just have to much to say and they get bored with you? i think we've all felt like this.
every time these feelings begin to make their way into my life, i just to have to remind myself (pardon if this sounds totally cheesy and cliche) that HE is always listening. HE knows my every thought. its comforting to know:)

:CAPTAIN OBVIOUS: quiet people are content to be quiet

that is me. in public, around people, i'm content to sit back and watch. listen. take it in.
'course if someone comes up to talk to me, i like to think i make pleasant conversation..ok, its a work in process. and i do often put in effort to talk to other people, i'm not some snob who sits in the corner observing everyone. i'm very personal with people.

then there's the fact that sometimes, i just don't HAVE anything to say. sure my brain is still working up a storm, but that doesn't mean i want the whole world knowing whats going on.
i often get lost for words when someone wants to talk to me. i don't know why, but i don't like it when someone comes to me with a "we're gonna talk" attitude, its makes me nervous and uneasy.
thank reeses i don't have many people in my life who put me in those situations.
but then there's times when i won't shut up.
those times are normally when i'm home. i don't think i've ever talked up a storm unless i was in my comfortable surrounding or at least with those who i know best.

i still find that being a quiet person can be confusing.
i'm sure i have puzzled quite a few in my time.

the other day my mom told me that for such a quiet person, i laugh loud. that kinda freaked me out. i don't like loud laughing, but alas, she said its a good enjoyable laugh. not growly and obnoxious.
but its true, i notice it myself, i laugh, not only rather loud for a quiet person, but i laugh alot.
so instead of talking alllll the time, i shall laugh, giggle, maybe snort occasionally, and i'm sure, chortle.
i can get over the fact that some people who i greatly admire will never hear me out, will never get the opportunity to listen to what i have to say, but i do know this. they will hear me laugh.

i know! these photos are totally irrelevant to what i'm trying to write about, but i went for a barefoot hike the other day in my woods and got a whole bunch of photos that i just had to share. these woods are magical right now.

sure, people would describe me as shy. its rather a fun word to describe yourself as, in fact, its become almost popular, rather cliche too. but i'm not just shy.
i'm quiet, reserved- yet personal -
i have barriers to break.
you might call this introverted, but that has become SO cliche these days i almost don't like saying it. even if it is the truth. i hate cliche, and in hating cliche, i'm sure i've become it to a degree, its only normal.
anyway, i'm not sure where this is going.
sometimes i wonder what people think of this blog and what they read/see...i'de like to find out..(that means comment for you dull folk)
i'm looking foreward to a really great warm week here in MO. i hope your monday has been awesome like mine has!

i think i'm going to change some things up, give everything a spring cleaning, i'll probably ask someones help, but i'm also going to change the name of this blog, i know i've already changed it once because i found several other blogs that ran under the same title, but i just really don't feel like 'yellow melodies' conveys the right feeling i want it to. so anyway, look forward to some changes around here!!

i'm tired of posting things like this. but since i already wrote it up i'm just gonna post it anyway and hope it doesn't go ignored..or maybe i do want it ignored.
i'm leaving now.


  1. Okay, long comment coming. =)
    First of all, where is everyone? Blogger-world seems strangely quiet lately. Just so you know, I have not deserted. ;)
    And these pictures are VERY magical. Thank you for including them. =)
    I am so glad that thoughts are private. I love keeping my thoughts to myself. And having private jokes with me and myself is the best. ;)
    Oh, and I got your letter today. I'll write back soon. Personally, I didn't have a great Monday, but that's neither here nor there.
    Okay, now I'm going to shut up and be quiet with myself. =)

    p.s. I love your blog name. I'm kinda jealous of it. I'm not particularly fond of mine. I might be sad or upset if you change your name. Actually I WILL be.

    1. well you know me, i'm the person who never really does what they say their going to, so i wouldn't be surprised if i don't change it, mom will be mad too. lol. you are jealous of it?! wow, i didn't know anyone really liked it, hehe:) thanks anyway :) kinda flattering..but in turn, i've been jealous of your blog name since day one!
      i like long comments=D

  2. <3! I often wonder if I am a quiet person. lol. I guess it depends on how I feel and who is around. :) You have a great laugh. It's adorable and I miss it. <3 <3 It's even better when we are inhaling helium. hehehehehehe. It's been too long. <3

    P.S. I *hate* it when people have that "were're gonna talk" attitude. It makes me all nervous and I can't stand it.

    P.P.S. lookin' forward to your changes!! ^_^ <3

  3. I just love you.
    :) I smiled happily the whole entire time i read this post, and I think its just because of how much I love you.
    And I don't even know you. But anyways, i enjoy these thoughts. I don't think of myself of loud, maybe because I'm with me when I'm quiet-ISH too(around people i don't know that well. But everybody I know thinks im pretty loud.Lol.