Sunday, March 18, 2012

 mornings never go as planned in this house, some people wake up pretty chirpy, others are zombies, and me, i'm in the middle. most of the time, none of us want to talk to each other.
sunday mornings, oddly enough, can be the worst of mornings. not just for us, but for alot of people.
there's the stress on a young mother to have her babies clean and presentable to say the least, fed and happy and obidient, then there is just all the other sunday morning preparing that goes on (i'm speaking to church goers, doh;)
there can also be stress/annoyance of taking care of extremely annoying animals, or getting a bite to eat before you hurredly rush out the door. because you know, your always gonna be late.
frustration seems to come easier on Sundays. 
i always end up at the last moment running around the house like a wild woman collecting my things to head out the door. in a way its fun and amusing, but i get tired of wasting time then going crazy to try and make up for it.
so today i started it out different.
first, in praising the Lord for this already seemingly gorgeous day (first photo was snapped and edited just 10min ago) then i just took it easy-but didn't waste time.
now all i have left to do is drink somthing, brush my purly whites, and i'm ready to go.
the others..well, some of them are not even up yet.
and we have to leave in 30min.

lamenations 3:23
great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.


  1. Love the pics! And the scripture; Praise God. <3 I tumblred a verse from Luke 14 today that I totally loved. (from the Message it's Luke 14:10-11)
    Have a lovely day, Nonii!!

  2. <3333 Our mornings are very rushed as well...really no matter how early we get up. lol. There are so many of us to get ready and get out the door! :P
    Pretty post. ^_^

  3. Haha, my dad and I are zombies in the morning, and my mom and sister are cheery. They always think my dad and I are mad, but really, we're just not ready for it to be morning XD Everyone's just different, I suppose, haha.


  4. thanks for the comments everyone, i loved them!! ^_^