Saturday, March 17, 2012

what not

not sure what to talk about today, i could tell you all about the kayak race i saw today, and how adorable a few of the kayakers were, or about the walk back and how harrison kept dancing and singing and being a goof. yep. he's my pastor.
or i could tell you about my quilt. it'll be all put together next week.
you might what to hear about the mini series i am thinking of doing, but i'm not sure you'll be that interested ;)
or i could say tell you that dwight shrut is the stupidest person ever, yet oddly lovable.  micheal is just plain stupid.
"we shruts have our own family affairs, we usually get married standing on our graves, it makes funerals fun, but weddings are bleak"
writing on this side of the page is really odd.
i think i'll switch back to normal.
would you like to see a photo i snapped today of a cool biker/marine vet guy? 
well weather you want to or not, here it is.
oh, and here is me and my puppy dog yesterday evening, it was so warm out!

and here my hair looks particularly odd/awesome.
i'm so happy that i don't have to wear make-up, my skin has been so nice as of late.
i'm not sure about you, but having a silly horse sniff your flowers on your window sill is a hilarious thing.

and because this is a terd of a post, i'll let you awe over my kitty for a bit.

over and out!


  1. lol! I wish I could have seen the Kayaking! I *love* it. :D Kayaking is on my long list of things to do someday. :) <3 <3 <3
    Luv the pics. ^_^
    <1 <2 <3

    1. And I forgot to mention that ur hair is totally epic right there. *jealous*

  2. Wow, your hair is really dark and gorgeous in that pic. I am loving all of the pictures of Ellie's nose. :D And suddenly I really really miss you. :(