Thursday, March 1, 2012

Am I the only one?

Who, when bored, goes to a frequently visited blog, such as AOU or Bluebird Vintage and clicks on the followers and one by one goes through and tries to find interesting blogs?
Am I the only one who never clicks on blogs with lame names? I certainly hope not, I'd feel kinda mean..
Am I also the only one who rarley follows blogs who have over 100 followers and would rather find a young blog which has potential and but few followers to follow?
Cos I know how it feels to go from 5 followers to 6. Its like, *freak out*.
Now I have 25. I dunno how that happened<3

This doesn't mean that I don't read /or follow blogs who have a ton of members.
I have around 5 or 6 of very popular blogs that I love to read.
Oh, and am I the only one who finds an amazing blog, loves it, spends like forever on it, then forgets to follow it and comes back 3 days later and can't find it?? I hate that.

Am I the only one who gets tired of "about me"'s that all sound EXACTLY THE SAME? hehe. About Me sections are a huge for me. Of course, there are some amazing blogs out there that leave it up to the actually blog to get attention. But I just like alot of info all at once.
I tend to only follow blogs who have a great sense of humor(Cupcake Dictionary) , great photos (Follow God- Every Day), interesting about me's that are actually ORIGINAL, and catchy names I can remember(AOU), and honest writing(Enchanted). I love honest writing, even if it ticks me off sometimes, oh don't think that you've ever ticked me off, Chem, I wasn't meaning it to sound like that!!
I  love honesty!

I'm also amazed at how many young bloggers there are! I find these blogs written by 13-15 year old girls, and they express themselves so wonderfully and in a cute/funny/interesting ways.
I know when I was that age, I stunk at expressing myself with writing. I remember telling my mom "I can't write anything!!!" (in a rather whiny voice) and she'd just say "Write it like your talking to me, doh."
And then I'd reply by telling her I suck at talking, so that didn't help a bit
But I grew up. Finally found my writers voice (I think I'm still finding it some days) and now I'm addicted to writing.

I think tho, that I am the only one who hasn't The Hunger Games.
I know, I know, your gonna tell me they are soosoo good and I need to read them! Well I'm gonna tell you to go read the INKHEART series. So there. :p
Honestly, if I had time I would read The Hunger Games...maybe.
Right now tho, I'm going through some thick informative books. History.
Oh I love me some history.
Speaking of which, I still have some to finish up!
Happy beautiful, sunny and warm Thursday everyone, as I hope it is for you.
Spread the Love!!
~Nonii (no-nee)

Ivory Lace Minidress size XS-S

I'm still in shock that is already March. In like a lion, out like a lamb..or is it the other way around??
I can't believe how FAST this year is going by!!! I want it to slow down, but time never waits for anyone.
I am going barefoot today.

this is what I found on today's blog searchings, its a very nice one,  This Is How Life Goes On .



    Now that I have your attention, I haven't read those books either, and I probably won't anytime soon. I read a book called Matched, which is apparently like the Hunger games, and let me tell you, that is one quality book.

    Oh, and your blog is amazing. That is all :)

  2. lol! :) You are certainly not the only one. ^_^

  3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Sometimes I find blogs through a long string of people, comment on them, and they act weirded out because I found them. xD Baha.

    I am one who doesn't read most popular fic. I was curious about said Games books recently however, so I went and looked it up....

    ....unless you like books about teen survivalists killing each other, it doesn't sound like something one would recommend to another.

    (btw, I like your blogg)