Thursday, April 12, 2012

can you hear me?

i've been wondering lately, is there anything any of you would suggest i do to get more reads here? 
i feel pretty satisfied with my blog, i love it, and i love writing. 
but what about you? i'm not trying to do a "oh poor me i never get comments anymore" post.
i'm ever so grateful for every single comment and follower.
but do you think there's anything that i could do to make things more interesting and perhaps make people feel more responsive? better pictures? cleaner written posts?
i would love to know, after all, i don't just blog for myself, i blog for you dear wonderful people who i *hope* enjoy it here as much as i do!

i'd obviously like to think that people enjoy checking up on me here.
 anyway, i reallyreallyreally hope this isn't turning into a "i'm tired of blogging because i don't get any attention :p -_- "\ feel sorry for me, *pout*" post. lol.
i'm just curious if anyone has suggestions to make things nicer.

a big part of me doesn't even want to publish this, but alas, i think i shall, because the cat is killed.
 {i wanna know what you think!}
and i'm getting a hair cut. *happy dance*.

p.s. i finished quilting my quilt today, tomorrow i shall start sewing the binding on, then next thursday it will be judged in a contest.  i shall share a photo of my beautiful blue quilt with you then. wish me luck!

p.p.s. my cousins might come depends if one of them has their baby or not {she's due in 5 weeks, so lets hope baby stays put for a little while longer}.

p.p.p.s. next monday i have a very special surprise to announce.


  1. I have been thinking the same thing a lot lately to! I know I really like reading your blog! maybe you could make a blog button, I would put it on my blog!

  2. I've been enjoying your blog, Nonii! My only suggestion has to do with grammar...ask anyone I know, I'm sort of a grammar Nazi, but when I'm looking at new blogs that's one thing that I take into account before I decide to follow them or not. It would just take your blog from, "awesome," to, "even more awesome!" Lol.
    A great way to get more views and followers is to comment on similar blogs. Keep up the good work! =)

    1. ah! yes, i am bad about grammar, i try my best to review everything, and if i ever find a mistake, even after a couple days after i've published something, i go back and correct it:) i also have a bad habit of using commas in all the wrong places, because thats how my brain works, hehe:)
      and spelling is NOT part of my natural gifts.

  3. When I'm dying for a new follower, I comment on or join people's blogs who have similar intrests, book taste, etc., let them know I exist. You have a great blog. I'm sure you'll have more followers in the future!

    1. sometimes i do that:)
      and thanks! i'll be happy with more page views and comments, hehe ;)

  4. Here's a link to how to make a button, Nonii:


    1. No idea why the spacing is so weird in my comment... lol =P

    2. THANKS!!!! i made a button ^_^

  5. Your blog is Creme de la Creme! I read every single postest. By the btw.

  6. <333 me too! I wanna know! lol. <3 I love ur blog a lot. It's the awesomest. I can't think of anything to make it better. lol. 'course, mine isn't all that popular so I wouldn't take suggestions from me anyways. ;) Love you!!