Friday, April 13, 2012

small noses and brown eyes

my daddy's last name is valencia, my mom's is link. 
i also have jones from my mom's mom, and vasquez from my dad's mom.
thats spanish, mexican, irish, american indian {cherokee} mexican indian {aztec, no kidding}.
i'm a mutt.
my nose is a valencia nose, with a small dash of link.
my eyes are link eyes, with valencia coloring.
my hair is valencia, with jones red in it.
my height is both jones, link and valencia.
my shrimpy physic is jones.
the smile is valencia, the dimple is link.

the tan is valencia and link {indian in the link somewhere}
the ornery is jones/link/valencia.
the way i care for people is from my daddy.
my temper is jones and link. a lot of link.
the fingers are vasquez, long and thin.
my long feet are valencia.
my sense of humor is link and jones all the way {dry, warped, mean and hilarious}
i talk in half sentences just like dad.

the braces on the teeth were moms fault.
but i'm uber creative just like mom.
bad eye site is from daddy. 
the ability to dance is valencia. 
the ability to refuse to dance is jones/link.
the love for writing is link {one of my great uncle wrote amazing poems}
my talent and love for music is jones.
 something about the way i talk is aunt connie link.
my laugh is similar to moms and i like to think my giggle is cute like dads.

i make ridiculous faces just like cousin johnny.
i talk in a similar fashion to sister toni {just alot more}
my dimple isn't as cute at brother eli's, but almost.
i'm very personable just like brother eli.
my inability to spell is from both mom and dad.
i love to sing like sister toni and brother ezra.
the shape of my eyes are just like cousins bens {which again, is the link}
i'm incredibly goof just like cousin john.
i'm loyal and considerate like brother ezra.
the freckle on the end of my nose is grandma jones.

this is me.


  1. It's so strange and hilarious to think about the character traits people get from different family members. I'm rather fond of dissecting myself (and others) in that way.
    Liked this post :)

  2. That is totally awesome!! xD This is prolly the cutest post ever. I wanna try. ^_^ hehe. You are fantastic.

  3. i want ya'll to do a post like this!!! :)