Thursday, April 19, 2012

brown eyed rupunzel goes crazy

get ready to get sick of my face, but hopefully not my hair.
last july i decided to bob my hair, i went from this

to the bob.

13" gone, and i loved it. everyone thought i was quite insane for cutting off all my hair, i kept getting asked "what possessed you to do that?!" my answer.."i wanted to, so i stopped dreaming bout it and did it"
 then it stared growing and flipping out on me.

so in september i went shorter.

i had so much fun with this cut..

oh how i love the mohawks!! 
it grew out to this.

so in january i went seriously pixie, or what i say, i went all wynona ryder on everyone..

i really loved the shortness of this cut, it was so easy and felt amazing.
but it only lasted about a month because my hair grows 3/4" a month and i didn't get hardly and photos of it, so 4 months later this is what it turned into..

i had what i like to call the scraggly baby mullet going on.

so finally a much needed hair cut, even tho i loved the baby mullet, it was getting pretty ratty. so now my neck can breath and i feel a wee bit more classy. you like? i do, i'm hoping it will grow out well.

someday i'll have long pretty hair again, for now i'll just
enjoy what i have.
which cut is your favorite?


  1. Oh my word. You have such epic hair. I love your mohawks and the Winona Ryder cut. I don't have as much bravery for a pixie, but I've done the Rapunzel-to-bob thing about three times now.

    Fresh haircuts feel great, don't they?

    1. hehe, thanks!! i'd dreamed of a pixie cut since i was a little kid, so i think it was high time i got one ^_^ i looove getting my hair cut!!

  2. I loved your long hair, but..... Of your short cuts I think my favorite is the Winona Ryder cut. But I like your newest cut too! You pretty much have good hair! <3

  3. Argh!! Hun, u always have the epicest hair on earth. :D I *loooove* the new cut!! xD My fave was prolly the one you got in Sept. With the mohawks. xD Yeah. Those were pretty awesome. :D :D I loved ur winona one too. Those were my two faves. :D

  4. I like the bob. If I ever cut my hair real short, that's what I'd do.

    1. DOITDOITDOITDOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe, ;)

  5. wow i LOVE LOVE LOVE your long hair.... but i love love the pixie cut.... soo so cute... and the one before that to was cute :)

  6. I'm jealous that your hair looks so amazing short! I'd love the ease of a pixie cut but I'm too scared I'd look ridiculous!