Friday, April 20, 2012

so i did blog today, but i didn't like it, and it sat there all day unnoticed {sniff-sniff} so i got rid of it, because i can do that, but here's what i did do that didn't go unnoticed.

i wrote a somewhat awesome list- mom liked it.
i painted another shirt- everyone liked that.
i painted a picture- mom said it was cute.
and i ate icecream- no one said anything about that.
i also giggled uncontrollably at a very cute bing crosby movie {here comes the groom}- mom said i was more enjoyable than the movie.

right now i reallyreally want popsickles. but walmart isn't selling them yet, and i feel like painting my face.
but its kinda late for that.
so here's a reminder of what happens when i do paint my face.
thats a...drape, i painted it..on my face. 
yes. a drape, can't you tell?
now i'm going to eat ramen noodles and go to sleep.
so good night, sleep tight, sorry i didn't talk to u today, byebyes.


  1. Gah. Please don't be one of those annoying bloggers who deletes EVERYTHING! I'll make an exception for you this time. But never do it again *shakes finger*
    Sorry. Btw, the best line was "and i ate icecream- no one said anything about that" People forget to say things about the most important parts of life, don't they?

  2. lol! <3 now I'z bummed. I was at orchestra and it isn't fair to delete posts that no one comments on when no one has a chance to see them!
    hehe. <3 fun post.
    an' I love that pic. :D :D

  3. *in megamind voice* you make me laugh <3 both of you <3

  4. I really like the painting on your face. It's amazing!

    1. thank you!! i do love some good face paint ^_^