Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in an out

i've noticed a pattern in my life.
i meet people, they go away, then they come back..
like lydia, i met her about 10 years ago when we were really little, i would have been 7, she would have been 5 or 6 depending on what time of the year it was and her brother 3 or 4. i remember them as super adorable little curly haired kids, me and my brother read them books and we climbed trees and had a great time. then they moved away, and came back about 4 years later. now lydia is one of my besties, and our families are very close. unfortunately her family moved about 4 hours away last spring. but through blogging, letters, few visits and facebook, i'm able to keep in close contact with her. which is really good because i hate talking on the phone, hehehe.

then there's rachel,  rachel's dad is a pastor, and one of my uncle's really good friends, so pretty much since i can remember, i've heard of rachel's family from my cousins. i specially remember hearing about their 13th kid, who i now know fondly as rachels littlest sister, jeri<3.
when i  was 5 or so, my family was visiting my cousins, and my cousins had rachels family over (at that point i think jonni was 2 or 3) for the afternoon. its weird to remember them coming over. i remember alot of kids, because there were (8 or 9), and i remember rachel's oldest brother, now my brother in law, showing off to me how he could climb through the window. i vaguely remember there being a little girl my age, and of course, it was rachel. i also remember rachel's oldest brother racing my oldest sister. they were probably 12 and 14 at the time. now they've been married 3 years this june<3 and rachel is my other bestie <3

then there's a boy, i won't say his name, but he's my friends cousin, i met him when we were both 12, his dad had cancer, so he came to stay with his cousins for a bit. i remember playing hide and go seek with him and his cousins, and having a blast. cept he was always teasing me, and his cousin told me he liked me, which made things uncomfortable for a 12 year old who hated boys. heehee. its funny to remember how mean i was to boys who liked me when i was 12. there's one boy who still hasn't quite gotten over it. anywho, back to the other boy, he pushed me in a pool once, i got pretty mad and his uncle got onto him, i just remember him walking away with an ornery grin on his face.
thats all i remember of him, 12 was an awful age for me so i blocked most of it out.
and now, i'm once again friends with this boy.

there's also a group of people who go to much church, who i went to church with then i was 7 or 8. so its just kinda a pattern in my life:)

its strange how people come in and out of your life, some of them have no effect, some have a huge effect, some of them marry your sister and become your besties!!
it makes me curious to remember all the people i have met long ago, and wonder if some day, they'll ever come back into the scene. what kind of impact will they have on me?
its exciting to think about..
i'm really stressed out right now, and this is as far as i could get with an interesting post, hope your having a lovelier day than i!


  1. Heehee! I remember Ezra reading Dr. Seuss to us, and I remember that we watched Spongebob. I also remember that you taught us how to squish lightning bugs >.< Lol! And we argued over the swing in my backyard. =)

    And then when we moved back to MO and saw you guys again for the first time? That was the most awkward thing ever. We didn't say a word to each other. Pretty hilarious, thinking about it now. :D

    1. yes!! those were good memories.

      oh my, not a word. it was terrible. =) drew and bailey webb were there too! which is weird..

  2. <3333 ^_^ This is a dolly post. It is krazy how some people are in and out of our lives.
    That is insane!! I think I remember that day! maybe slighty! lol. that was so long ago. <3 <3
    I love this post. Yes, All the way to death. ;) lol. You're sweet.
    I hope your day gets lovelier and lovelier!!

  3. I went with your mom one year at Thanksgiving and picked out a bunch of your Christmas gifts...dress up high heels and lots of plastic bead necklaces ;0

  4. Cute! I do NOT remember that visit to the Links... O.o But if I was 2 or three then that would make since. :-)