Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a very expressed introvert

the other day i did a personality test, it was a blast, i'm fond of them and am always curious at what they'll put me as, these were my results when i too the meyer briggs test.

-introversion- 78%
-sensing- 12%
-perceiving- 11%

and i am inbetween a INFP and ISFP.

here's what those letters mean..
(E-Extraversion involves interacting with people, having broad interests, and tending to act first and then think.)I-Introversion involves concentrating on a few, deep issues, and thinking things through before acting.
(S-Sensation looks at facts, takes a practical approach and tends to be interested in clear, detailed information.)N-iNtuition looks at potential and possibilities, and tends to be interested in what is not yet known.
(T-Thinking involves using principles, taking a detached, objective view as an onlooker, analysing and criticising.)F-Feeling involves using values, taking a personal, subjective view as a participant, valuing and appreciating.
(J-Judgement structures and controls life, making decisions and establishing closure or stability.) P-Perception retains flexibility, inquiring, being spontaneous, keeping options open and waiting to see what develops.

this interests me..

i also did a test to see how perceptive and observant i am towards my feelings, other peoples feelings, and just life in general. i got a 75%.
i took another to see how mentally and emotionally stable i am..but i had to pay for those results..i don't care that much! pththththt.
i also have good building skills, such as understanding of diagrams, patterns and origami type stuffz..

my favorite part about this is it put me as a "very expressed introvert" heehee, thats just awesome in my opinion!

nj, laughing at some silly crude song caleb was singing..


  1. koolieo! I wonder what it would have me as...:D I Never really thought about it...
    lol! He's so cute!

  2. Wow, I would love to try it out :D I had a great time reading your blog posts :)