Monday, April 30, 2012

not so lazy monday

ah, my cello is so purty! 
i love all these photos i strung up yesterday.
 today hasn't exactly been lazy like most mondays are around here, it started out me sleeping in till 10. which was fantastic.
then somehow i ended up walking through knee high grass in chase of our horse in my pajamas.
she had gotten out and was trying to socialize with the neighbors horses.
lots of lunging at one another and trying to bite each other to see who's boss.
it was kinda scary. but since ellie may is a good girl, she came home with me.
half way it started raining, and we got drenched.
it was a nice adventure.
then me and the family had lunch at subway.
then i quilted for 3 or so hours.
its my therapy.
then i went to a friends grad. get together/party-ish thing.
now we have company and are watching 'we bought a zoo', again.
because its that awesome.
xox nonii


  1. you have the koolest stuff. lol. :D <3
    lol! that sounds interesting. :D kinda fun. I wish I couldda come. hehe. ^_^
    I *really* need to see that movie. Jenna said it's really good too. :D :D

  2. Love your pictures!
    Sounds like you had a great Monday. Mine was NOT great. I had school coming out of my ears. But I'm looking forward to a more relaxing Monday next week =)
    <3 Lydia

    p.s. I agree with rinskii. why do you have such good stuff? it's not fair. *pouty face* heehee. <3

  3. Sounds exciting, chasing a horse!!!

    Cellos are such pretty instruments (not only in sound, but in looks, too) :)

  4. that's awesome! I actually did that with my pictures yesterday too!! and you play cello? awesome! I play violin:)

  5. Hey, Nonii!
    I've kinda dropped off the face of the blogging world for a little while, but I'm back. For good. I hope. :)
    Anywho, I love those pictures! And the idea of stringing photographs like that is very, very cool. (AND I LOVE YOUR CELLO.)
    DUDE, getting caught in the rain is definitely my favorite thing. Ever.
    But it doesn't happen too often, sadly. xD

  6. oh, i was wondering if "we bought a zoo" was any good. loving those strung up pictures!!
    xo TJ