Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a happy place

for some people its painting, playing the guitar, singing, ect-. fact is art is therapeutic.
my happy place is in the quilting room. i just get lost back there. words can express how much i love the feel of farbic between my fingers.
the possibilities are endless back there.

i've mentioned several times that i'm rather stressed and exhausted {tho i'll say now i'm not really stressed over what everyone else is stressed over}
its not fair to leave you all in the dark, because i really like all of ya'll and i want you to know, but i'm not sure how to tell you guys.
its kind of a touchy thing...and, its just weird to talk about really. mainly because i hate talking about it.
so i'm not really sure what to say besides it has to do with my grandmother and us taking her in for a month or so while she healed from her fall. but it didn't work out.

there was alot of drama and manipulation, and basically, my family {because their amazing} gave her everythign we had to offer, we helped her as much as possible. but we were all at the end of our rope.
its over. no more, we are done. i can't give details {you wouldn't enjoy it anyway} so lets just leave it at that. she isn't here anymore, and she isn't coming back. she can go home now.
personally. i'm done for forever. i just wish it would go away.
sometimes i feel bad that i'm not more concerned about her.
i just see it hurting my family and i hate it. they're the only ones i'm actually worried about.
truthfully, i feel fine. i just wish people would stop talking about it and asking me how she is. because i don't care to talk about it.
there's to many personal details to share that matter. and not many people i care to tell them to.

so to get away from it all, i've been quilting. i put on a cd {jack johnson- jon foreman- jj heller- imogen heap} and sometimes i am back there for hours on end.
sunday i designed a new quilt, and i'm almost done cutting everything out. it should be a 7 by 5ft quilt, and its gonna be amazing. quilting is my happy right now.
i just know i can't wait to cuddle up under the new qiult and watch a campy horror movies.
>>>xxox, noni xoxx<<<

i named the new quilt 'the man quilt' because its for my future husband and because its just a guy-ish looking quilt. or because its awesome. and despite the fact that females like to say men suck, they're awesome. its got a cozy masculine feel to it already. i'm even using a bunch of my favorite flannel shirts that my dad and brother used to wear. so yeah...i'm already proud of it ^_^


  1. I am sorry you are all stressed out! I will be praying for you and your family! **hugs**

  2. Glad that everything is getting better.
    I love fabric so much! I'm just no good at making stuff out of it. *sigh* I still don't have the patience to finish my one simple little quilt :p You and your mom both have super good fabric taste ;)

  3. lol!! "the man quilt". That's hilarious.
    Great pictues. :D
    <3 <3 <3 luvz u!!

  4. Your Chris August shirt is mega awesome.

    The Man Quilt? What a sweet idea. I wish I could quilt! I have scraps of fabric it's just the sewing thing that is so difficult.

    God's peace to you and your family this week,


  5. Funny, almost all the females in my family have made quilts, but my hands are not skilled when it comes to sewing. I could always try, though.

    And I hope that your family gets better and that you'll have less stress soon. Stress is the freaking worst.