Friday, May 25, 2012

a random week

this week has been awesome, pretty random, but good. i went shopping monday with the family {found some great deals}, church on wednesday was fantastic, and tomorrow a friend i've known for years is getting married.
and yesterday i got to see cousin johnny again!! it was weird, because just a week ago we were romping around SDC together having a blast. then yesterday we went swimming and played some LBP before he had to leave. me and john are buds, we're a lot alike in so many area's, its rather hilarious because we get along so well instead of killing each other. he may only be 12, but he's one awesome 12 year old and you couldn't ask for a better cousin than john. he's got so many odd little ways about him, it makes him rather adorable. not to mention he looks 15 instead of 12:)
his parents, brother and sister in-law had come over to show off the first great-grand baby to the grandparents. i really didn't know what it was like to have a baby in the family till now, because me and john were the babies. but not anymore! now with madelyn here, and my sister being due in october, we has babies. and its wonderful. {did i mention my sister's having a boy?? yeah i'm psyched about a nephew!}

left to right- ezra holding the baby {madelyn}, then her momma, ashley, john, granpa ivan, and uncle cole.
me and john really like my camera, when he's around we're always goofing off. yesterday we used the timer and got a bunch of wacky pix of us jumping in the pool.

these are the only ones you get to see, because the rest are to ridiculous. 
and this is me, i should have been smiling i know, but i like my hair in it :p

this is kyle, madelyn's dad, he's holding my brother's baby ;)
don't ask me what kind of gun it is, i haven't a clue.

anyway, i don't often post random photos of my week, but i thought you might enjoy it today:)

i've been learning more and more what it means to truly put my trust in the Lord for all things, even the tiny ones. yesterday after john left, a bad mood hit me big time. i was feeling totally unmotivated and kinda depressed, i just got some bad news about something, and i was/am missing someone, and so i just wanted to sit on the couch and feel like a grump.
but i couldn't because we had company, and that would have been rude.
so i made pie instead. they must have been good cos everyone had a piece or two.
but still, i was upset at myself for being in a foul mood. so i took it to God and just let him have it.
i knew my attitude wasn't honoring him at all, so i decided to change it.

no matter what mood i'm in i want it to be honoring to God, i want to be putting my trust in Him even when something is bothering me. its funny how the minute you think you have these things under control, something comes up to remind you you're not. and that its so much easier after you give it to Him.


  1. yay, jumping pictures are always so much fun!
    and i am loving all of the random pictures ;)
    xo TJ

  2. jealouss!!! we dont have a pool yet!! :/ enjoy it for me!!


  3. fun pictures!! xD <3 I wish we had a pool. I wanna go swimming *so* bad. :)
    Pie sounds good. ^_^

  4. Sounds like a super fun week! And I just have to say, your eyes are a beautiful shade of brown