Thursday, May 24, 2012

the moon is a magnet

i like pancakes

 but please don't ask how this happened this morning.
lets just say i have skills.
and i'm just not a morning cook.

today i'm going to make pies. lets hope they don't have delish black marks on them ;)
i prefer baking over cooking most days. but to be honest, i don't really like either.
sure i'll do it, and maybe i'll learn to like it better some day.
but most days cooking isn't something i do.
needless to say, when i do it, everyone says i'm really great at it. which is happy.
cooking is a really moody thing for me.
but i'm pretty dang positive i WILL love it someday, because my sister, before she was married, used to feel about cooking like i do now.
and now after 3 years of marriage, she's one of the best cooks i know.

one of the things that always crosses my mind when i think about cooking is men, obviously.
cos men like food.
some are really picky. some don't care, as long as its food.
i'm gonna find a man some day, so i'm preparing myself to expect he'll be a lover of food.
because that would be my luck ;)

so every week i tell myself "i'm gonna cook this week!"
its yet to happen, but i keep telling myself that.
but hey, i might not be cooking, but i am making him a quilt :p
as weird as that sounds. the man quilt is making progress.

thats all for today, folks.


  1. I've never really tried making pancakes. I'm a huge fan of the waffle iron ^_^

  2. I prefer baking too. usually. It's much less involving. lol. :D
    That is crazy. haha. I like the way that pancake looks. I hate pancakes though. :P Never been one of my faves.

  3. that's awesome! haha I wish my pancakes did that, mine are usually pretty sad looking:) haha