Friday, May 4, 2012

look how far we've come

this has been a really good week for me. i've accomplished a satisfactory amount of things, and i've gained some wisdom and knowledge along the way.
 all in all i'm very content with things. even if everything is going wrong, i know who's in control and everything will turn out fine, so in the mean time i'm just gonna keep smiling because i'm its fun.

the man quilt has been put on hold today, because this is what i've been up to.

taking weird pictures instead of reading history {just kidding, i did read a bit too}
and making more of my fabric bracelets.
oh, and preparing myself for Branson by listening to a little bluegrass here and there. i love me some bluegrass/newgrass.
the bracelets will be put up in my etsy shop here soon, and they will also be for sale at a small shop in my local town, i'm really hoping they go, because i'll be getting this baby, soon.
and i need all i can muster up to get him, i'm already thinking of names for him.
its a toss up between Craig Lewis, or Lincoln. they are both very camera-ish names.

so anywho, right now this song is giving me chills and serious nostalgia. a year ago i went on a magical adventure with my music playing cousins to the wonderful land of Silver Dollar City in Branson Mo.
it was quite a wonderful time of my life, i had a huge crush on someone, i fell in love with Alison Krauss and Union Station, and i listened to this song over and over. and i got to make really great memories with my cousins. i'll never forget that trip. the rain, the complete exhaustion from having so much fun, the blisters from small shoes and walking around the City all day, the millions of slushi's we all drank, the awesome food we ate, the rides we rode and the music we enjoyed, the places we went, the late night movies we caught and the laughs we shared.
it was epic.
but nuff' bout that, here's a cool picture of what i'm drinking.

wonderful, eh?
xox, noni

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  1. Luv the pics!!
    Aw man. Im so missing SDC this year!! :'( :) <3
    I love mello yello. ^_^