Saturday, May 5, 2012

a pretty picture

here's a pretty picture of the odd things i collect that make it onto my shelf.
today i'm sick.
but i'm glad i'm sick today, and not next saturday, because thats when i need to get packing for my vacation! so in a way i'm grateful to get it over with now :)
that is all
xox, noni


  1. You always have unfairly cool bottles.
    Is that a real flower?!
    Hope you feel better. Where are you going for your vacation?

    1. well I've been collecting them since i was like 10! haha, i love my bottles.
      yes thats a real flower {purty, huh?} and i'm going to Branson with my cousins, then Toni's :D I'm not sure what order tho..

  2. I'm sick, too. Let's both get better, shall we? :)

    Nice collection. The size of that flower is unbelievable!