Wednesday, May 23, 2012

stolen idea- confession

today i'm gonna steal an idea from his little day, and make a random list of confessions for ya'll.
i'm sorta all wiped for inspiration right now, and its a cute/easy idea, so i hope you enjoy! :)

- i have a hate/love relationship with hick words. like "ya'll"

- i lovelove louis armstrong- anything by that man was wonderful.

- i'm that uber reserved girl in a crowd.

- i'm sometimes to sensitive about being afraid that i might annoy someone.

-i'm obsessed with lists..just not "to do" lists.

-i hardly ever listen to something i can't sing with.

- i'm slightly bow legged.

-i am quite picky when it comes to choosing friends, as you may have learned from my post yesterday. {i don't let it bother me, being picky is good and i don't really care what others might think of it}

- i hate frank sinatra.

- when i'm happy i don't know how to contain it, so it just sorta bubbles over in weird little ways.

- if i ever met glenn beck i think i'd die, cos he's just awesomeizing.

- when i find something that reminds me of the past {if its a good reminder} i sorta freak out and get really excited about it.

- i'd rather eat gummie bears over chocolate any day.

that was kinda of a pathetic list, but i'm really not feeling like writing anything interesting today, so deal with it ;)


  1. Haha. Great post! and I have to say that that picture of you is AWWWWSOME. lol

  2. lol. <3 Ur pretty great. That wasn't a lame list...'course, I'm pretty sure I knew all of that already.
    We're a lot different, bestie. It's kinda awesome. xD xD <3 <3!!

  3. that's a really cute photo of you!

    xo, lizzie