Monday, May 21, 2012

there's nothing good about goodbyes

today has been to long, its only 9:55pm and i'm wiped.
its probably because i went shopping again today.
we haven't even been home 2 days and we're shopping again! i could get used to getting
new clothes, but i don't think my energy levels can handle it. i'm looking forward to things slowing down.

here's that picture of Christian Bale i drew last night.
of course i can now see my mistakes, his eyes are to big and his nose isn't right.
but besides that, i'm pretty content with it, i love how his hair turned out.
its tricky drawing from a photograph that has out of focused spots in it, but fun.

so anywho, maybe i'll get around to blogging at decent hours as things start to get back to normal.
i'm now going to go fall asleep listening to josh groban.
 btw, i made up my mind that there is nothing good about mornings {because waking up sucks}, only nights {because going to sleep rocks}, and there's nothing good about goodbyes, only hellos.


  1. 0_0 that is so good!!! I'm impressed to death. He is so handsome. U did a great job.
    I agree. Completely.

  2. I dislike waking up. A lot.

  3. Oh wow. That's actually a pretty impressive drawing. Better than anything I've done, anyway.

  4. DUDE, that drawing is rockin! Great job!
    & Sleep is pretty heavenly. <3 ^^

  5. Wonderful drawing - you're very talented :)