Sunday, May 20, 2012

i can't think of a title right now

sadly, sometimes the hardest part of blogging is thinking of a catchy title for a post.
i failed this time. now i'm going to ramble.

all last week i've wasn't able to do anything artistic {unless you count a sketch in cousin john's notebook} and so now, i'm feeling a rush to do something artsy.. and that sketch i did in cousin john's book got me in the mood to draw faces, which are my favorite things to draw.
i have always wanted to draw Chris Bale, and i've attempted several times, but his face just amazes me, i can never capture him. not his expressions, nor is perfect mouth. i'm always left feeling really unsatisfied with everything, i can't ever seem to do him justice.
but as i type, i'm getting very distracted by two things, my drawing and josh grobans voice... i'm getting uber excited about the drawing. its turning out decent! i am never happy with my drawings of him. and um, i haven't listened to josh groban in at least 3 years, so i'm feeling pretty nostalgic.
of course i'm not done with my drawing yet, which means you can't see it till tomorrow.
grant that i probably wont be near as happy with it as i am now, because i'll then be able to see all sorts of mistakes. but at least i have the excuse of saying i've not done a portrait in months. so i'm really outta practice! :) 
so here are a few more of my favorites photos from last week, with captions of course.

i do this to all my gum wrappers:)

i kept seeing amazing cars all week, this was my favorite though

your probably tired of the moccasins by now, but i'm not ;)

taken by rachel

beautiful dragonfly me and rachel found:)

gobs of crappy jewelry at every antique store!

i love old buttons!

this doesn't need a caption :p


eagle on my cousins tour bus

ezra and aaron on wildfire!

cousin johnny has good taste in sunglasses

but he's not good at taking pcitures..

unless you count this one

aaron, john, and ezra in 'grandfathers house' at SDC

aaron, me, an joe, apperantly john took this one as well..

this my friends, is succotash {suck-oh-tash} and its amazing.
thats all for now, i'm gonna take a break from the drawing and come back later to see where i need to fix something.
have a happy week everyone! <3


  1. sounds like you've been having a lot of fun :D yeah his face amazes me too... :)

  2. ohh awesome pictures=) love your mickey mouse t shirt! ans that camera section, ohhh myyy, that's lovely...ahhh! haha=)

  3. *lovelovelove* the pictures!!! 'specially the SDC ones. looks like som much fun. xD The one of Aaron and Ezra on Wildfire really got me itching to go now. lol. ^_^ Cannot wait to see ur CB drawing. :D He is wonderful for sure.
    Miss u, hun! ^_^

    p.s. I am the *worst* when it comes to blog titles. :P