Saturday, June 2, 2012

all this time

my dear adam young, love this man to death! <no kidding there

i'm not the type of person who likes to set goals for themselves, mainly because i can never push myself to meet those goals. i want to, but i never end up actually dedicating myself enough. some say its because i don't want it bad enough, but i do..i just.. seem to not be able to work myself.
there are very few things in this world that motivate/inspire me enough to put the smack down on myself and accomplish a goal.
pathetic as that may sound. i go so far and then just lose motivation.
thats how i'm wired.
throw in a bunch of lazy and procrastination, and it can get pretty silly.
but oddly enough, i've never let it really bother me that much. because that is just me, and i'm happy being just me. i get utterly miserable when i try so hard doing something that i don't enjoy.
but you know, there's nothing wrong with trying, again and again, to work with yourself.
so thats what i'm going to try to do this month.

goals for june:
get my permit
don't forget to practice my cello every day
buy my camera {which means get a job :p }
draw at least one good drawing a week
finish my history book {i'll be so tickled if i actually accomplish that!}
go on a float trip
work on my poetic skillz
work on verbally communicating with..everyone< i truly suck at that one
learn 6 new chords on the guitar {i know 5 already!}
finish math {thats a joke}
finish sewing the blocks together for the man quilt
memorize more poems and versus
have at least one game night with friends, if not more:)
keep getting plenty of exercise!  
 do something new 

so there it is, a list of things to do -_-
let the adventure begin!!


  1. Well crud. That's one heck of an awesome drawing of Adam Young you have there, ma'am.

  2. Good job on AY!! xD He looks very handsome. ^_^ <3

    There are a few of those on that list that I'd really like to accomplish as well. :D Such as: Permit, Float Trip, Finish Math, Exercise....^_^