Friday, June 1, 2012

lost in a well

may is finally over.

it was a long, hard, tough month to get through.
but its over now, and thats good.
 not all of may was horrid, just most.
 it had its good moments {thank the Lord for vacations}.
i learned a lot, and i wouldn't trade that for anything.

i can't wait to see where i'll be next may.
but boy am i glad this one is over!

~if you were a beautiful sound
in the echos all around,
then i'd be your harmony~

sorry, i just had to quote my favorite owl city lyric ;)
well one of my favorites.

now its june.
i'm excited to see what this month will bring.
hopefully more lazy days. because may was a hectic, messy, busy blur!
but whatever it does bring, i know i'll survive.
xox, noni



  1. June is going to be lovely =)

  2. I'm glad June is here! Oh, and you play the bass? (is that what it is called? I forget...) I LOVE how that instrument sounds! :) You should put a video up of you playing... just saying. :)

  3. how cuteee!! I ADORE these shots!!!


  4. :))) May was a long month...<3 I'm glad that June is here too.^_^ <3