Tuesday, July 3, 2012

-i kissed-

i know its only july, but i just wanted to pop in and tell ya’ll about this book i’ve been reading this summer.  its called ‘i kissed dating goodbye’ by joshua harris. yup. read on.

my mom ordered this book for me about a month ago, when it came in she handed it to me, i looked at it, rolled my eyes and tossed it on the bed and continued with my drawings. i wasn't to thrilled, just the title ‘i kissed dating goodbye’ was enough to make me groan. i've known about this book my whole life, my sister read it when she was 13, and she made up her mind then not to date. so i've always sorta known the jist of why she chose not to do the normal 'dating game', and i guess i always thought i would feel the same as she did. my parents certainly encouraged me to look up to her as an example. my parents have never really told me "you can't date", but its always been pretty clear that my family had higher standards when it came to dating than most of the people we knew. but i guess i never made their standars or convictions my own. until now. the Lord has definitely used this book to show me things i was blinded to and to give me convictions that i lacked. i'm really thankful that i read it.

joshua harris introduces a new attitude toward romance and relationships; there are some really wonderful concepts and ideas in this book that i think everyone can benefit from.  and one of the most refreshing things about this book, is he isn’t legalistic about his convictions or ideas! it doesn't feel like he's trying to shove em' down your throat, and in everything he is able to take you back to scripture on.
its neato.

harris really hit the nail with this book, he addresses so many points that i’m sure we can all relate to. this is the kind of book that i can’t stop underlining paragraphs and phrases. this is the sort of book that makes me want to go out and buy a hundred copies just to hand out to all my friends.  not that i have a hundred friends. but anyway, my point is, its a good book and worth the read. even if your married, single, in a relationship, or whatever your case. i know you will benefit from this book. 

loved this chapter most of all

so, you should totally read it. cos its awesome. i would also like to point out that this book isn't a "girly" sorta book, although i'm sure a greater percent of the readers are females, this book is especially great for guys, it is after all written by a guy.
that is all.
till august,
-noni joy <3
fave paragraph from the book {page154}:

“yes, we’ll still have a lot of questions- we may not know whom we’ll marry. but we must not allow what we can’t know to hinder us from acting on what we do know. and what do we know? we know that we have today to move with resolute energy toward maturity and crhistlikeness, a calling of every christian whether he or she will marry next week or ten years from now. when we focus on “redeeming the time”, we’ll not only make the most of each moment; we’ll also prepare ourselves for the next season of our lives. our faithfulness in small things today earns us the right to handle bigger responsibilities down the road.”


  1. Read this book twice. LOVE it very much. <3

  2. <3 <3 <3 <3 :) good to see you.
    This is a fantastic post! I'm thinkin' I wanna read this book. :)
    <3 good review hun!

  3. Oooh. This sounds interesting. Thanks! I will definitely give it a read :)
    Gina X

  4. This book changed my life. ;)
    I want to go buy copies and hand them out on the streets lol.