Thursday, July 19, 2012

i'm back!

i've decided to cut the break short.
i'm back.
the break was fantastic, and seeing as its almost august, and i'll be gone the first week of august, i figured i might as well start blogging again.
honestly, i've been ready to get back for several weeks now, i've been gnawing at the bits to start writing again. its good to be back at the keyboard.
i'm sort of nervous to be back tho.
i feel like i had really found my bloggers voice before my break, and then i suddenly lost it.
now comes the adventure of finding it again.
but its all been worth it! all the things i love doing, i did more of. i'll spare you the list of accomplishments, but don't worry, i'll be sharing more later on.
and most importantly i found more time to think, pray and spend time in God's word.
i finally figured things out.
and it feels really good.

i've been enjoying myself.

and now i'm really happy to be back, miss me? 

silly me, almost forgot to point out the obvious. new blog name! :D


  1. Yes I missed you. Why are you even asking? =)

    P.S. I like the picture in the sidebar

  2. uh, HECK YES! I missed u like crazy. ^_^ <3 I'm so glad you're back to blogging finally. That picture of u is so dang cute.
    I *love* the new name. and the new header. :D :D and the new profile picture. ayee! <3 *(hug)* I've missed this blog.

  3. HECK YES. I missed you like crazy. It feels awesome to have you back :D

  4. Glad you are alive again!!! I love your blog post's soooo much. You know, I meant to award you the blog awards on my blog. So go collect them! I don't know how I missed it. I'm going to add you right now. :D

    Yes, I am happy you have returned, a refreshed woman. *_*