Saturday, August 18, 2012

another one of those days

we all have them.
they are called. boring.
nothing has gone on today, nothing will. its one of those days were you sleep in cos you stayed up till 4am with friends watching the hunger games. its one of those days where you waist to much time watching tv. and when you realize, is it really already football season? and seriously. where's the ice cream? we have none. :(
i like these days, even if finding inspiration and motivation is hard. we all need boring days to level us out.

i've been looking through pictures of my nj boy. he's grown up SO much since i've known him. he'll be 6 in 6 months. *sniff* i want him to be a baby again.

and now i have nothing else to say. so i'll leave you with THIS and hope you laugh as much as i did!

xox- noni


  1. Great picture. :) He's so cute!

  2. Awwwh. ^_^ He's growin' up! <3 so tute. <3

  3. Yes! HE'S FREAKING ADORABLE. gosh i love that kid.