Thursday, August 16, 2012

a peak inside my sketchbook plus...

 dearest Mr. Adam. he's the best.

i haven't stopped drawing and painting. hallelujah! no seriously. ;)
i recently got a water pen
its *amazing*

also, i got tagged. thats the plus. if you can call it that.  i *don't* do tags. but i'll make an exception because i was tagged by my best friend, who's the bestest in the whole wide world. just saying.  
i'm also going to cheat, and not tag any one else or put down the rules or anything like that {you should be thankful, actually}
and since i LOVED Caitria's questions, and Rinski's, i'm going to do all of them. enjoy!
from Caitria.
If you could do only one more thing before you died, what would it be?
that would depend, if i had a certian amount of time, a month, maybe a year, then i'd engross myself 
in some sort of long project, like world traveling. thats one thing. right?
if i had a day, i wouldn't do a thing. just live like normal.
  What is your favorite place in the world?
 like Rachel said, wherever my loved ones are. if i'm there. i'm good.

Can you breath with your tongue sticking out? 
why yes, i can! 
Now put your tongue back in. Ice cream or cheese cake?
cheese cake.
 What was your first memory?
 i was 3 or 4, living in Chihuahua Mexico where i was born, and it snowed outside. i can remember standing at the window watching the snow fall and being so amazed. i even remember what the yard looked like and the house i was in too.
i can't believe i remember that!
from Rinski
!. What's your favorite pringles flavor?
i hate pringles. they have no flavor -_-
@. Do you play any instrument? If so, what do you play? 
#. What's your favorite music Genre? 
 thats like asking how many movies i've seen :p
lets see. jazz, rock, r&b, bluegrass, classical, americana, folk, ect-. all those mixed up.
$. Which is more terrifying? Tornadoes or Earthquakes? 
 earthquakes. because the idea of the earth swallowing me up is soo much more scary than a tornado!
%. What's the wildest thing you've ever done?
i'm not really a wild person..this is hard. probably that time i called that boy. 
that was wild. ;p

now i'm supposed to think of 5 favorite words.

this is an incredibly cheesy post, huh?


  1. You're quite a talented artist there! <3 And also, the cello is quite awesome. I'm jealous; I'm not musically talented in the least. haha

  2. ooh! ^_^ I love the watercolor!
    What!? You don't like Pringles? Have you had Salt and Vinegar Pringles!? That's like an explosion of flavor! lol. <3 They're sooo gooood.
    Wait. That time you called a boy? You told me about it right? xD
    I'm so glad to did the tag this *one* time. ^_^ I really enjoyed it. <3 <3 luvyu!

  3. Haha!!! GREAT! Loved it all. Especially the watercolor. It was very cool! Loved your answers! :D *_*