Tuesday, August 14, 2012

starting it new

school has officially started. even if it seems rather sudden, i'm ready for it. its my last year, and i've never had a good school year since i became a teen. so i'm determined to make this the best.

summer is pretty much gone for me.
but i'm not at all sad about it, i'm ready for summer to be over. i'm ready for autumn, i'm ready for schedules an structure to be added to my weeks. it feels like a fresh start.
this year i'm doing british literature and i'm pretty 'cite about it. i'm finally going to read Weathering Heights, A Tale Of Two Cities and Frankenstien!
i'm in the mood for cookies, so i'm going to go make some.
have you started school yet?

my johnny cash calendar picture for august


  1. I love having a schedule. I'm actually taking british literature, I'm currently reading Beowulf! Oh, and I really like your blog, I'm your newest follower!

    -Victoria Horea

  2. I start homeschool next week. !!!

  3. I likey that top picture. A lot. ^_^ Gosh, I miss you girl! <3
    nope. Haven't started school yet. :P I'm kind of excited though, just 'cause this is my last year. Also, I'm doing a lot of new-ish type things this year. :) <3 <3

  4. Haha!!! Strike my fb comment. That is EXACTLY the Beowulf book I had to read. I have also read A Tale of Two Cities and Frankenstein. I liked them both. I started Wuthering Heights a LONG time ago. And never finished it. I will miss summer, but I am with you about being ready for autumn. ^_^
    I love your hat. And the bracelet!! <3