Wednesday, August 15, 2012

yesterdays adventure in my backyard

i have a broken bubble gum machine, and i've been racking my brain with what to do with it. it looks neat enough in my room, but its empty, and constantly being cranked for gum by little kids. so yesterday, first thing that popped into my mind when i woke up was to make my bubble gum machine into a terrarium of sorts!  
so i set out to the woods, which are my backyard, for ferns and moss.
 i grew up in these woods playing peter pan and lord of the rings. no wonder, peter jackson could have shot parts of the movies there!
i mean seriously.
i have the coolest back yard.

ferns grow abundantly in our spring, and i didn't have to go far for moss.
unfortunately chiggers and mosquitoes live in the spring to.
but i really love how my bubble gum-terrarium turned out so all those bites and scratching were totally worth it.
 lets hope it lives!

i've been obsessed with a band called Mumford and Sons, you should check them out!


  1. WOW!!! I think that is the most awesome bubble gum machine I have ever seen!! Love it! And I love woods! So neat! You do have a great backyard! :D

  2. DUDE, that is such an awesome idea! I would've never thought of that... so cool.
    Your backyard looks totally awesome; we have a bunch of woods behind our house, too, but I hardly ever explore them in the summer, spring, and fall.. because unfortunately ticks are also abundant here. >.< But I love walking/snowshoeing in the woods in the dead of winter, when everything is so calm and frigid. It's pretty awesome.
    Anyway, I love all the pictures you took!
    Is that fourth one a..... TURTLE!? It looks awesome, whatever it is. :D And I love the eighth and ninth pictures, especially. Beautiful.
    God bless!

  3. Beautiful photos. i love the feather<3 and I also am in LOVE with Mumford and Sons.

  4. That is so cute!I love the blue! <3