Saturday, September 1, 2012

so it rains

dear Septemper,
thank you for the beautiful rain, but this runny-itchy nose and tickley-sore throat? you can have that back.

hot cocoa shall by my companion today, that and tissues..and pinterest.
oh yeah, i finally got pinterest, you should follow me! i'm Allie Valencia {thats a derivation of my real name, and then my real last name, in case you didn't know}. there's only one on there.
so yeah, go follow me.

i really have nothing else to say due to these silly allergies/cold, i feel pretty blah, so i'm just gonna keep pinning stuffz ;)

over 'n out


  1. Goodness. I love this. I love rain.

  2. those are gorgeous pictures. :) Rain is wonderful.

  3. I think that I would like some rain puddles to splash in.

  4. I find that pinterest always makes me feel better...hope you feel better!

    -Victoria Horea