Sunday, September 2, 2012

september shoot

i try to make it a goal to do at least one photo shoot a month
this is my 2nd month with the new nikon and i'm still 
working on doing self shoots.
trying to get focused in just right on the subject when i, the subject, am not actually in front of the camera?
yup. its not easy.
but i'm managing and learning tricks to get it worked out!

in the 4th down, the close up of me, i look so much like my mom and sister, its weird.
i don't normally resemble both of them at once.
but most of you don't know what i'm talking about cos you've never seen my mom or sister ;)

anywho, its still cloudy and rainy out, i feel much better today, my nose and head are terribly stuffy, but i don't mind that much. i'm probably going to be pretty lazy today..
have a wonderful sunday!


  1. I love your hair in this photo shoot. And that shirt.

    Awesome job!

  2. Nice photos! Love your outfit as well. :)

    -Victoria Horea

  3. I LOVE the fourth one! It's soooo pretty! I agree. That outfit is awesome.

  4. awwwwhhhee!! I miss you like krazy. You're so cute! These pictures are really really great. When you come down we must do a photo shoot together. ^_^ luvluv!

  5. Cute! Your hair is getting pretty long again! I hope you plan on growing it out again! Love your shirt! <3

  6. So pretty! You're just too cute. :)