Monday, September 3, 2012

the longest day

i awoke yesterday morning, with my head feeling like it was in a bucket, and my nose had turned into a fountain. i had a cold, or allergies, whatever you wanna call it.. it wasn't anything to horrible, but i never felt like i fully woke up that morning, er, day.
i got ready anyway and went to church with the family. i don't really remember the service, besides that it was communion sunday, and i only remember there being a lot of people there {which isn't totally normal cos the church is young}. i think there was cake. and i remember drinking coffee and giving my boy kisses. at one point my head cleared and i got so dizzy i almost fell over.
i left earlier than i normally like, but i didn't care. i think we got hamburgers for lunch, i don't remember really tasting much though.
when i got home i did a spontaneous photoshoot  and oddly enough, it turned out great! i looked alert and everything.
after blogging i took a nap..
this morning i woke up at 11.
i felt like i woke up from that sunday nap.
at 3 we went to a friends house for a fun labor day bbq-hang out. i enjoyed myself and got lots of great pictures of adorable kiddos.
when i got home it occurred to me, that today has felt like the end of yesterday.and tomorrow should be monday.
which has made this day, seem very, very long.
i guess it was a combination of seeing people from my church both days, having a cold and being super drowsy and sleeping in to late and taking naps. my cold is gone now, but i'm still tired, thankfully its almost bedtime! ;)
this post has really no meaning, this day{s} has just been really odd so i thought i'd tell you all about it!
and now i have nothing else to say.

so here's a few pix of those adorable kiddos i mentioned.


sammy- he's so stinking cute!

 i hope you had a very wonderful labor day!!


  1. Sounds easy and lazy. :) Glad you had fun at the bbq! ^_^ <3