Thursday, October 18, 2012

on the wing

above and beyond all of this, i take great joy and comfort in knowing my Savior has it all blueprinted and planned down to the tiniest detail, and that my job isn't to blubber and worry about the design- but to hush. to be concerned with the principles of morality, servant hood, discipleship and character, and ultimately, to trust.


~Adam Randal Young.

there are many reasons why i admire that guy, the main reason is his passion for Jesus.
when i look at people like him. and think about how his life is so dramatically different from mine. i wonder what it must be like. yes. the fame, money, the chance to see the world, meet all kinds of people, experience things daily that take your breath away. exhaust you. spread you so thin you wonder if you can go on anymore. but totally worth all the lost hours of sleep and long hours of work.

and i know that he faces things i can't imagine. spiritual battle big time. because he's a child of God, and he's been put into an industry that hates God. hates His Son. hates everything pure and good.
now don't kid yourself and be naive, the music industry is laced so thick with corruption. its heart breaking. and i know i've never experienced it first hand, but it doesn't take a genius to see it. but as always, love hopes all things. so i hope, that people like Adam can have an influence with the people he meets. the many different producers/writers/singers/musicians. especially the lost ones. i'm actually currently concerned for Adam and i'm keeping him in my prayers.
so many young kids look up to that guy. and sometimes i wonder if he realizes that just a few words out of his mouth, can honestly change lives.
Adam's obviously a much loved guy, i love him, thats for sure. i love his music and what he stands for. but people fall. and its my prayer, that Adam doesn't forget who he was when he first started out.


ps. what about you, do you have someone to look up to like Adam? Obviously Christ is a given..i hope. ;) 



  1. adam young is currently my fav person in the "big world" he is amazing and i person i get inspiration from... osm osm post :)

  2. Good for him! He's awesome :o)I'm praying too.

  3. Oh my gosh, i love you for posting this. He's my favorite celebrity. I love his blog postsbecause their so authentic and he isn't afraid to share his faith. He seems morally grounded and there are so many things i love about him. Including the fact he's a writer and introverted.

  4. <3 <3 He's definitely a wonderful testimony for Christ in his profession. <3