Sunday, October 28, 2012

seriously, life is fantastic


even when you feel like no one cares
don't ever. you hear me. ever take yourself for granted.
don't ever think you're unloved
because seriously, love, you're great.


even when you feel kinda lonely and the clouds have gathered above and 
maybe the forecast is calling for rain.
keep your chin up, stay strong and lovely just the way you are..


sometimes these are good words to tell yourself.
because sometimes, you can't seem to muster up what it takes to smile
because it seems that those clouds will never leave.
and no one actually cares.


but they do. they reallyreally do.


got my October photo session in {see above photos, ;) }
maybe i'll post the rest tomorrow!


  1. This is precious. 'cause life *is* fantastic. No matter what. And you're gorgeous. ^_^ <3

  2. Beautiful post, and words I think everyone needs to hear sometimes! And also, the last picture is stunning!