Monday, October 29, 2012

this angel is bound to stray

well summer seems to have completely run away from us!
 last week was high in the 70's and i was wearing shorts and t-shirts for my daily walk or ride with Ellie, but now its time for snuggly sweaters, scarves and knee high mismatched socks under my skinnies. i love missouri weather!

_DSC0882  _DSC0863

i'm really hoping to get another call from someone soon about doing another session.
because even tho i really do love doing self-timered session, i get tired of me pictures.
but i havta get my creativity out somehows! ;)
today i plan on making more masks, just for fun, and i really need to bite a chunk out of Weathering Heights, that book is awful {this is coming from the girl who loves Jane Eyre mind you}
seriously, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone! so depressing -_-
 well, i hope you lovelies have a fantastic week! i'm expecting my sis' to call at any moment at tell us that baby Asa is on the way, full moon tonight, so it might just happen. *fingers crossed*



  1. I know, I'm loving this winter weather:) And you have such great fashion sense! I love it. Good luck on the coming of baby Asa! (i love that name by the way)

  2. I'm soooo loving the colder weather. :D It's been amazing. most of the time. The other day I hated it...but I was in a bad mood. :( lol. <3
    You're just too dang cute! That second pic up is loverly. ^_^ luv you!